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Learn Python easily. One of the most popular programming languages

Welcome to Codesenser's Python platform. Here, you can learn everything about Python: from the basics up to the job prep and essentials for your Python job

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Learn the fundamentals with lots of examples

Python is a dynamically typed and interpreted language which allows for fast experimentation. While you quickly get up to speed with the fundamentals, we will also show you multiple practices of approaching problems. At the same time, you will get enough freedom, so you can come up with your own pythonic coding style.

def method_one(entries: Sequence[int], threshold: int):
    result = [] 
    for entry in entries:
        if entry >= threshold:
    return result

def method_two(entries: Sequence[int], threshold: int):
    for entry in entries:
        if entry >= threshold:
            yield entry

def method_three(entries: Sequence[int], threshold: int):
    return [entry for entry in entries if entry >= threshold]

def main():
    values = [1,5,293,192,391,102,203,203]
    print(method_one(values, 100))
    print(list(method_two(values, 100)))
    print(method_three(values, 100))

Study at your own pace

The content is concise enough for you to decide your own learning rhythm. A longer guide does not translate to a better guide

Focus on the right approaches

Programming is a subjective matter just as you and I would speak differently. We will teach you the tools but give you enough space for you to develop your own style.

First programming language?

No matter if it's your first, second or third programming language the tutorials are meant for everyone who wish to learn Python

A free guide to learn and share

The articles, examples and guide structure are continuously reiterated from learners' feedback. The focus is always on making things easy to understand, remove any ambiguity and make your learning path enjoyable. The articles remain free as well as all future ones.